Silver Medal Students

Lindinhof Students, who have earned USDF Silver Medal

All Lindinhof students are individuals with unique goals and needs. Megan is grateful to be a part of their journey and help them obtain their goals. The following are the Lindinhof students, who have earned their USDF Silver medals. As of September 21,2020, 5,576 people in the US have earned theirs. Congratulations to the Lindinhof students who have earned their Bronze medals! Thank you for choosing Lindinhof!


[ 2020 ] Mary has continued with her dressage education and lease of Lindinhof school horse, Amador, who is owned by Julie! In two competitions and two tests, she earned her USDF Silver medal in 2020!


[ 2018 ] Tiffany continued with her and Jildou's dressage education and stayed in training with Lindinhof! With Megan's help, Jildou earned her Friesian Elite statues and Tiffany earned her USDF Silver medal!!

Madeline & Alex

[ 2016 ] Madeline and Alex continued their training with the help from Megan, all the way through I-1. They earned numerous year end awards and Championships titles at Arabian Nationals throughout the year! Megan was so proud to be a part of this development and success!


[ 2015 ] Sara was studying at the UW, she purchased a horse with the assistance of Megan. In 2014, they competed at 1st and 2nd levels as well as competed at USDF Region 2 Championships. Then in 2015, they competed FEI levels for the first time and Sarah earned her USDF Silver medal!


[ 2013 ] Lisa continued onward to capturing her Silver medal while leasing Lindinhof school horse, Hughy! So much fun to have Hughy show her the ropes of competition and FEI levels!

Callie & Gold

[ 2011 ] After capturing her Bronze medal on Lindinhof school horse, Gold, Callie moved on to 4th and Prix St. George! In one season, Callie accomplished her USDF Silver medal in 2011!