Lindinhof Students, who have earned USDF Silver Medal

All Lindinhof students are super and Megan is so happy to be a part of their journey and goals. There are students whom Lindinhof would especially like to recognize for their determination, perseverance, and hard work. On this page are the Lindinhof students who have earned their USDF Silver medals. As of August 2011, only 3,128 people in the US have earned theirs. Congratulations to the Lindinhof students who have earned theirs!  Thank you for choosing Lindinhof for all of your training needs!

Callie Fox


Callie Fox – decided to take a year off before going to medical school to work on her dressage goals. She started leasing Gold in the Fall of 2010 with the intent of finishing her education to the Grand Prix. Callie earned her Silver in August of 2011 and will now have fun competing in Freestyles and moving up to the Grand Prix! Nice work!

Madeline & Alex


Madeline has trained Alex herself, with guidance from Megan, and after she earned her Bronze Medal, she went after the Silver! She has successfully competed at 4th and PSG in the Arab circuit and many Championships. We are very proud of all that Madeline and Alex have accomplished. They are such a talented pair! Each day is such a gift with a wonderful horse. Congratulations and well deserved!!

Lisa Lemke


Lisa Lemke – Congrats to Lisa earning her USDF Silver medal in August of 2013 on Lindinhof horse Hughy, who she has leased for two and a half years! It has been a great ride and she has worked so hard to accomplish her goals. Now on to the Gold!!

Sarah & Curry


After Sarah conquered the Bronze, she competed Milo at 4th level and PSG in 2014. However, in the Spring of 2014, she purchased her new horse, Curry! They also competed First and Second levels that year. Then in March of 2015, the talented pair earned their last score at PSG to capture the Silver. Congratulations!!