Along with all the great horses that come and go through the training program, there are several that have committed themselves to Lindinhof and the great opportunities provided with full time training for horse and rider.  Please enjoy the bios of our clients, and feel free to join us at one of our many fun and educational field trips!

The following are a few testimonials followed by photos and brief bios:

As a rider retraining from another equestrian discipline, I have been impressed with Megan’s ability to connect with riders from different backgrounds using teaching approaches individually suited to the students’ learning needs.  Since I don’t have a dressage horse, her amazing schoolmaster horses have taught me how things should feel, and Megan’s patient explanations and suggestions have helped me to become a dressage rider. Tamar K.
As a rider coming back after a long lay-off, Megan has been fantastic in helping me regain confidence in myself and my riding.  She is able to break down a problem into small pieces, making it easier for me and my horse to conquer.  Her patience and understanding, and her ability to make you try your hardest, have played a very large part in where we are today.  She connects and works extremely well with any horse, regardless of breed. Tami E.
I could not ask for a better trainer! Megan has not only given me a firm grasp on the basics and their importance throughout all of the levels, but she has also begun to teach me the complexity and finesse of the upper levels. Megan teaches with a positive enthusiasm and has really given me confidence in my riding. I would definitely recommend Megan to riders at any level looking for a quality trainer. Callie F.
I like many things about taking dressage lessons from Megan.  She keeps my two long term goals in mind: to learn to ride ‘the best horse in the world’ to the PSG/I1 level that he is capable of, and to have a wonderful time doing it.  She laughs a lot, and cares about me as her student, and is inventive in choosing lesson activities that are always interesting, always challenging but seldom frustrating, and always tons of fun.  But altogether, I think the thing I like best is the way Megan can adjust each lesson to take into account my varying physical issues, given that I am a riding student over 65 years of age with a back that is bad on its bad days and merely stiff on its good days.  I always leave my lessons feeling great, and proud that I am still doing this at my age! Gail P.
I am thankful pretty much daily that I lucked into Lindinhof. Megan is a remarkable trainer and teacher. Since I started as a raw beginner in 2010, I am amazed at how far Milo and I have come. I always look forward to my lessons with Megan; they make bad days bearable and good days awesome! Sarah M.

The Lindinites at the 2010 Midwest Horse Fair!! Megan & Jewel, who is owned by Sue Niepert of Meadow’s Gait Farms, rode for FHANA demo!


Byrd……… bred and owned by Sue & Rick Neipert of Meadow’s Gait Friesians of Milton, WI. Megan started working with Byrd in April of 2012 when she was 3 yr old. Byrd was successfully competed at the 2012 USDF Regional Championships and she was the 2012 USDF All Breeds 3 yr old Materiale Champion and placed 6th for the USDF All Breeds at Training level. In April of 2013, Megan & Byrd were selected to train with USEF Young Horse coach, Scott Hassler in the USEF YH Training session. Byrd qualified for Regionals at Training, First, and the First level Freestyle levels, was the 2013 4 yr old Materiale Champion, the Reserve Champion for the USDF All Breeds for the First level Freestyle, and placed 3rd at Training level. Byrd was also the Riding IBOP Champion at the 2013 Midwest Friesian Keuring. 2014 is looking great for this talented mare.

Jess trot

Jessie & Wellie have been paired together for two years now. They started competing at open shows and then at the Hoofer’s schooling shows at Training & First levels with scores in the high 60’s and 70’s. In 2011, they debuted at their first recognized shows from First through 4th levels! In 2012, Jessie earned her USDF Bronze medal and had fun competing freestyles! After a short break, they will be back in action in 2014, working toward their USDF Silver Medal and competing freestyles! Check out a clip of them at their first show together in March of 2011: Here is another clip of them competing 3rd level in January of 2012.


Sarah………. while studying at the UW, she started leasing Milo in March of 2013 and went to her first recoginzed show in May! By August, she earned all her scores towards her USDF Bronze! Looking forward to start helping Sarah learn upper level moves and progress onto her USDF Silver medal! Congratulations!!!


Callie & Gold……. Callie leased Gold for the 2011, 2012, and 2013 show seasons to gain experience in showing, obtained her USDF Bronze & Silver medals and gain knowledge in the Grand Prix. This has been a fun pair to watch! Here is a clip of them, competing 4th level Freestyle:


Lisa……………… Starting taking lessons for her equine trip to Ireland in Spring of 2010! After she came back she started leasing Wellie. In 2011, she started leasing Hughy and has gained experience in the show arena. She went to 4 shows over the summer and qualified for Regionals! Lisa & Hughy put in a great showing at their first Regional Championship! It is fun to see her excel as a rider with Baby Hughy! They have competed at First level and plan to go up through the levels. Here is a video of they in one of their 1st First level tests: 2012, brought Lisa experience with 2nd through 4th levels and her USDF Bronze medal. In 2013, Hughy and Lisa competed 4th through I-1, which she earned her USDF Silver medal and two scores towards her Gold! Going for the Gold in 2014!! Lisa and Hughy at 4th level:


Ryan & Novi………. Started taking lesson with Megan in April of 2013 and were schooling Training/First. By the end of the 2013 show season, they had earned their USDF Bronze medal! Over the winter they will be training for their USDF Silver medal! It will be fun to see them excel in 2014! Ryan and Novi competing at 2nd level:


Peter………. Has been taking one lesson a week for about a year now! He usually rides the sweet Fasching or bold Wellie. He has been learning about his position, working on making his posture strong, and experiencing all dressage movements. It’s been fun!

Judy and Romey…… came from AR for a short term stay, which Megan helped them compete at 3rd and 4th levels!


Gail & Fasching a.k.a the best horse in the world ….. Gail & Megan have been working together for 9 years. When Gail came to Lindinhof for her training needs it was soon diagnosed that she and her current horse at the time were not a good match. We discussed Gail’s goals and desires and found that one of the horses Lindinhof had for sale was the right one for Gail and her riding goals. We have achieved Gail’s goals of riding FEI level movements comfortably and with confidence. Each day the team works together is fun, but hard work no matter if we are working on basics or the fun movements such as flying lead changes or pirouettes! Both Gail and Megan are blessed to have such a wonderful horse as Fasching in their lives! 2011 brought new goals, they have a Freestyle that they are working on. How exciting!


Katie! She came to Lindinhof as a beginner rider with a thrist for knowleadge. She has leased Milo and learned about connection. Then she leased Fasching and learned all about upper level moves! She then leased Gold to learn upper level dressage moves!! Katie was also a working student at Lindinhof. Thank you for all of you help! Sadly, in the summer of 2013, Katie moved to Colorado, but we wish her all the best! Here is a video clip of Katie riding Wellie at the 2011 Lindinhof Open House


Sarah & Milo …………… Sarah began taking lessons in February of 2010 and then in the Summer purchased Milo. Sadly, in August she was sidelined due to a non-horse related injuries. However, by November she was back in the saddle. In 2011, they competed at a local schooling show. It is so fun to see them progress! Here is a video clip from the 2011 Lindinhof Open House, where Sarah and Milo were the lunging demo:


Congrats to Maddie & Muri! Megan introduce them and got them started on their journey together before they went home. We are really excited to see this pair in and out of the show arena!


Liz & Fratz ……… Megan has been working with Fratz & Liz for about a year now. When they first started, Fratz had been coming back to work from some time off. He had decided he enjoyed his time off so Liz had to work a little harder on bringing him back to work. Fratz spent the winter in FL with Megan to maintain his training for the 2009 show season and Liz came down multiple times to escape the fridged winter and keep up with her riding. They have lots of potential and Megan looks forward to helping them obtain their riding goals as well as their competition goals.


Lynn & Keebler …… Lynn and Megan worked together about four years before their move to AZ. Lynn had enjoyed trail riding & side saddle before she decided to start taking dressage lessons. While working with Megan she purchased Keebler and was able to learn to ride 2nd & 3rd level movements. Megan wishes them the best in AZ!


From 2009-present, Megan has started, trained, and competed Jewel for Sue and Rick Neipert, Meadow’s Gait Farms of Milton, WI. They were performers at the Midwest Horse Fair, competed at several Regional dressage competitions, Champion at the Midwest Friesian Keuring in the riding IBOP, flag holders at the World Dairy Expo and lastly they were have earned numerous year end awards! We are so grateful to be a part of their dream! In 2013, Jewel competed PSG and I-1! Here is a small clip of them performing PSG:


Megan competed Ty, owned by Mary, for the first time in October 2013. They successfully competed 3rd level and plan to qualify for his FHANA Sports Predicate. Then Mary will take over the reins and get her feet wet in the competition arena!


Lynnea & Wellie…………….Lynnea started taking lessons on Wellie in February of 2013. Over the summer she competed First level through Third level. She is 2/3 of the way towards her USDF Bronze medal! She gain a lot of milage in the competition arena as well as earned a High Point ribbon at one of the shows! 2014 should be alot of fun!


Madeline & Alex…….. From First to Third level in 2 years: Madeline has trained Alex herself, with guidance from Megan, and has earned the USDF Bronze Medal. She has earned 61% – 65% at Third level and successfully competed on the Arabian circuit for several year. In 2012, they were the Canadian National Champions at 2nd level and Reserve Champions at 3rd level. In 2013, they competed successfully at 3rd through PSG level as well as competed at the Canadian Nationals and the US Nationals. Great job!


Jen & Milo……….. Jen and Megan have been working together for 9 years now! During this time, Jen started as a working student, then took lessons on Lindinhof school horses, and then became a client with her own horse, Dutch Chocolate Delight. With Dutch, she experienced exercies to the PSG. After the sale of Dutch, Jen is now leasing Milo. 2011 show season, they competed Training & First levels. Check out a clip of Jen & Milo at their first show together:


Tami & Boo …………Tami & Megan have been working together for about 8 years now. She started taking lessons on Becky and then when Boo was of age Tami began working with her. 2008 was Tami & Boo’s first show season together and they ended with a bang! They qualified and competed at the Region 4 Championships at Training & First levels. In 2009, they competed at 1st & 2nd levels at the Region 2 championships! In 2010, they competed successfully at 2nd & 3rd level. In 2011, Tami earned her USDF Bronze medal and 2 of her scores towards her Silver!! Here is a clip of them competing at 4th level:


Andy … a big part of the Tami & Boo Team! He is the man behind the scenes keeping Tami & Boo on time and on track, he is also their biggest fan. Thank you Andy for being there in the great times as well as pushing them in the tough. He comes to just about every show and lesson to cheer them on and picks up tips to help them advance. Everyone should have an Andy in their lives. Thank you for your support!


Michelle & Goodman………… Michelle purchased Goodie in the Summer/Fall of 2013. He is a super talented and has the sweetest disposition. He loves granola bars after his workouts! He is such a pleasure to have in the barn and they are so well matched. Our week is divided between jumping, cavaletti, trail rides, and training day!


Dave & Thor…………….. Dave and Thor were temporarily here for 8 months. During this time, they acceived their personal best score at First level of 73% and they also qualified and competed at the 2009 Region 2 Championships at First level for AA! It was a lot of fun to work with both Dave & Thor!


Callie & Fiona………….. In March of 2010, Fiona arrived. She was a bit out of shape and did not want to get back to a working program. However, by May Callie & Fiona went to their first show together and qualified for Regionals with high 60’s. Throughout the show season, they competed Training-3rd level. Callie will be going to Medical school at the end of 2011 and would like to find Fi a wonderful new home. Here is a clip of her sale video:


Tamar ……. Megan and Tamar have been working once a week for 5 years now. When she first started riding with Megan she came from a hunter jumper background. The first lessons were tough as she had to work very hard on changing and maintaining her position. Now in her lessons she is has moved on to developing a better connection with different school horses as well as learning the lateral exercises and flying lead changes. Megan enjoys watching and helping Tamar’s progress through the levels!


Sam & Uri……….. Sam and Megan worked together for two years. Uri was purchased during their time together. Sam worked very hard at establishing a solid preformance with Uri. He was not an easy horse, but she was successful because of all her hard work. She and Uri competed at the 2007 Regionals in St. Louis, MO. Megan is proud to have worked with Sam and wishes her all the best in college and her future goals!


Karen & Aimee …….. Karen began taking lessons from Megan on her school horses in 2000. In 2004, she purchased Aimee from Megan who was a rescue horse. They took the time to put weight as well as muscle on Aimee. And Karen was rewarded by several blue ribbons at the 3-Gaits schooling show. Karen has moved to GA and we wish her all the best.

Callie is our resident medical student! Megan has been worked with Callie for 4 years, while she was in school at UW-Madison. During this time, she leased Fasching. She is dedicated as well as hard working student. Megan has enjoyed teaching her the nuances of lateral exercises and introducing her to upper level movements with the help of Fasching. Keep up the great work!