Lindinhof Students who have earned their USDF Bronze medals

All Lindinhof students are super, and Megan is so happy to be a part of their journey and their goals. There are are students whom Lindinhof would especially like to recognize for their determination, perseverance, and hard work.  On this page are the Lindinhof students who have earned their USDF Bronze medals.  As of August 2011, only 5,323 people in the US have earned theirs.  Congratulations to the Lindinhof students who have earned their Bronze medals!  Thank you for choosing Lindinhof for your training needs!

Callie Fox


Callie started leasing Fasching in her second year of college at the UW as a Training/first level rider in 2006. Fasching taught her all the movements through the I-1. After Callie graduated, she decided to take a year off to study dressage and compete. She competed Fiona, Madison, and Gold to earn her Bronze medal. Each horse has taught her so much, and I am so proud of all her hard work!

Jessie & Wellie

jessie (1)

Jessie started leasing Wellie in 2009, after a 12 year break from the hunter/jumper arena. She has worked very hard on changing her position. After 3 years of hard work with Wellington, Jessie earned her USDF Bronze medal! Way to go! I always knew you could do it!

Chelsea & Mylo


Chelsea has trained Mylo herself. He is very sweet but also very nervous and spooky, which makes him a handful. Chelsea is very patient and willing to give the time that Mylo needs! Megan has really enjoyed coaching these two and cannot wait to see them grow and accomplish new things. Congrats on your USDF Bronze Medal!!

Mary & Peter

Mary & Peter 

Mary became a client of Lindinhof when she brought her horse, Ty, to Megan for help in early 2013. Through a collaborative effort between three horses, Mary, took lessons on Ty, Peter, and Winston. In the fall of 2014 and throughout 2015, Mary began to show her horse, Peter, First and Second levels. Then in 2016, she completed the Bronze with Winston! It has been a journey, looking forward to capturing the Silver!

Lynnea & Wellie

Lynnea & Wellie 2013

In 2013, First and Second levels!! However, life got in the way and she had to take a break from competing. However, Lynnea came back on fire in 2016 and leased Milo and earned her two scores at 3rd!! Great job coming back into the competition arena! Now onward towards that Silver!!

Tami Ellickson & Boo


Tami purchased Boo as a fiesty 2 yr old filly. Together they have worked very hard to form the strong bond that they have now. With the guidance of Megan, Tami has trained Boo herself to 4th level, and they are setting their sights for PSG. In March of 2011, they earned their much deserved USDF Bronze Medal!

Madeline & Alex


From First to Third level in 2 years: Madeline has trained Alex herself, with guidance from Megan, and has earned the USDF Bronze Medal. She has earned 61% – 65% at Third level and successfully competed at the Arab Championship. Super proud of all that Madeline and Alex have accomplished. They are such a talented pair!



It was supposed to be a month of lessons to get Lisa back in the saddle for a riding vacation, but Lisa has now been working with Megan for 2 years! She started taking lessons on several Lindinhof school horses and then ended up leasing Hughy in May of 2011. In Lisa’s second show season she captured the USDF Bronze medal with the help of Hughy. Through hard work and determination Lisa earned all her scores as an Adult Amateur. This is a big accomplishment and we are very proud to be a part of her journey!

Mac & Ty


Mac is Mary’s niece (aka Best Aunt Ever) and she began competing Peter First level in the Fall of 2014. 2015 brought the First level freestyle and Second level. In 2016, she finished her Bronze by obtaining her 3rd level scores with Ty at the same show Mary earned her 3rd level scores! Needless to say, what a fabulous show!

Diane & Shock


Diane started taking lessons on school horses in 2014 and started leasing Milo in 2015 and competed him 3rd-4th level to earn scores towards her Bronze. She also received help with her personal horse, Shock at 1st and 2nd levels. At the nd of 2015, they qualified and competed in the USDF Region 2 Championships and earned their Bronze!!


shea_wellie (1)

Shea has been a working student since the Fall of 2011 and came to Lindinhof as a Training level rider. In July of 2012 she went to her first recognized dressage show and earned all four of her scores at 1st and 2nd levels in one weekend with scores in the 70’s! The very next weekend, she competed 3rd level and earned her last 2 scores for her USDF Bronze. The sky is the limit for this talented rider! It will be fun to help conquer all her goals!!



While studying at the UW, she started leasing Milo in March of 2013 and went to her first recoginzed show in May! By August, she earned all her scores towards her USDF Bronze! Looking forward to start helping Sarah learn upper level moves and progress onto her USDF Silver medal! Congratulations!!!

Ryan & Novi


Ryan and his beautiful black stallion, Novi, came into training in May of 2013 as a training level rider and by the end of their show season earned their USDF Bronze medal! They have earned many high points and qualified for Regionals at 2nd level. Congrats to all their hard work!

Jayne & Raimond


In 2014, Jayne and Megan took a trip to FL to find a horse, who would teach Jayne dressage and get her feet wet in the show arena. They found Raimond! That year Jayne competed First and Second levels. Then in 2015, she competed 3rd level and earned her USDF Bronze! Raimond and Jayne are a fantastic team, it has been a blast working with them! Congratulations!